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September 02, 2005



"Meanwhile, Bush offers no immediate aide, not wanting to "get in the way of local efforts."

Your words I believe. You DO KNOW the cherry picked portion of Bush's quote ("get in the way of local efforts.") is in relation to Bush making a personal visit and isn't related in any way to offering or providing aide to the effected area.

You do know that correct? Not that it would matter based on a couple of your links in the blogroll.

And you do know that he has acted, and one US hospital ship is in enroute, 4 USS Navy vessels are onsite providing helo support (ordered to the area 12 hours after Katrina's landfall). You do know that a US Navy aircraft carrier in enroute to provide communications, medical, and logistic support.

Of course you don't. Sure that's it you just don't know. But whats worse is you even if you did know you would still post this tripe.

1. the hospital ship just left port today [the fifth day of the disaster]... it will be quite some time before it gets there.

2. The "Navy vessels" you speak of, were also just deployed today. [after this blog was written, and 5 days after the storm struck].

3. as far as "cherry picking" goes, the quote from Bush was in regards to FEMA getting in the way of local efforts.


Usual hate and smear.

R Honiball

Give me a break. Stop blaming and start doing something about this. This isn't about white or black, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat. . .this is about a tragedy that we weren't prepared for and EVERYONE is to blame. So stop point fingers and start doing something positive and constructive!

Gary L

You Republicans are so out of touch...

yes it IS about race, it IS about the have's and have not's, it IS about a lack of republican leadership. Are you blind?

Rich H


Ok, explain to me how it is about race. Don't use generalities, use specifics. I want you to convince me that the government made a concious choice to responde slower then they should have because those in the impacted areas are black. Convince me. . .please!

By the way, I am not a Republican. Don't label me.


Gary L

Black people loot... white people find. I think that says it all.


There's plenty of blame to go around. Let's not forget the local government, the so-called first responders. Where were they?

There was no command center set up in the city of New Orleans. There was no authority. Our so-called leaders were no where to be found. Mayor Nagin left us for the comfort of Baton Rouge.

The declared State of Emergency gave Governor Blanco the authority to commandeer any vehicle or building she saw fit. Did she send the busses to aid in the MANDATORY evacuation? Did she seize helicopters and boats to aid in the search and recovery efforts? Southern Louisiana is a swamp, there must be a million swamp-craft and ATVs. Where were they?

The mayor suggested that there was an emergency plan in place but yet there was no action by emergency personnel. What is the plan? Call FEMA and sit back and wait? That's what they did.

The FEDs and the White House do have their share of blame, but let's start at the bottom - at ground zero - when we begin assigning blame. The mayor and the governor shoulder more blame than anyone. They do NOT deserve our votes come election time.

Hey Gary, read the last paragraph on this page:


(cut and paste)


"There's plenty of blame to go around. Let's not forget the local government, the so-called first responders. Where were they?"

Ummm... Iraq.


I think Bush should be punished. I think all the FEMA heads, Mayors and Governors and all their families should be incarcerated and left in the Dome for 5 days with no food or water.


You got some probs over there in usa. Zum Glück gehts uns hier nicht anders. lol


There you are right - Somethings are strange arround there. -" Aber was solls""

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