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December 15, 2004


linda Jackson

what is this world coming two! God please help us!


Why is "W" allowed to continue to be president when the exit polls clearly show that Kerry won the election and much evidence proves that the e voting machines were rigged to switch votes from Kerry to bush. Many people already have testified to this happening to them in Ohio, Clint Curtis just presented evidence of vote tampering we already know occurred. Why doesn't the senate and congress have the guts to impeach bush and prosecute his favorite crony and vote fixer Karl Rove? Are these good men going to stand by, do nothing and let evil triumph? bush is destroying everything America stands for; soldiers are dying in an illegal war while his father's Carlyle group, the oil companies and his Saudi buddies make billions with fixing oil prices and destroying the world's economy. Don't the rich ever have enough? Why isn't the media reporting bush's fraudulent election and lies to the American people? Is George CIA Sr. going to kill everyone who stands in his or his deranged son's way? "W" has been lying, stealing and cheating his whole life and daddy's been bailing him out. How could such a cocaine fried brain ever graduate from Yale or Harvard. If it wasn't for his daddy, "W" would be serving a life sentence by now in a federal prison. Instead he is telling us one thing while he does the opposite. Doesn't he know that most people in the world hate him and that includes most Americas? How dare the bushs call themselves Christians? They are the modern day hypocrites that Christ despised, the Pharasees! House of bush equals house of Saud. The Saudi's are the enemy not our friends. Please God remove the anti-Christ from our country and save us!


goto bradblog.com he has been following this since before the election


This is much bigger than just Bush


This is much bigger than bush. This is a crimmal enterprise that you people, the american people think is so good and worth to give up all your rights. You call people that try to come out with the truth conspiracy therorist. IT IS NOT A THEROY NOW IS IT. IT IS THE TRUTH. NOW DON'T YOU WISH YOU COULD KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11, WACO, OK CITY, THE FIRST WTC ATTACK, RON BROWN, MALCOLM X, MLK, JFK AND OTHERS THAT CAME FOWARD TO SPEAK THE TRUTH.

The fact is Society can't handle the truth and more the deceive the more you guys beleive everything they put out. It is time for a real Civil War, but can you people handle it, or are you ready?????????????????
Get your guns, lets go.............


The truth is that Americans are like the Ostrich. It places it head in the sand to hide. Americans don't want to be bothered with War and other things of this nature, they want to drive their Hummers and live the good life. In my world I am constantly bothered on how we have let our country fall to bush (the anti-christ). I think everyone needs to read Revelations to understand what it says.
>>I have seen the destruction of the middle class coming, when there will be only two classes of people the rich and the poor. Mark my words this is coming, just look around you.
>>Once again noone cares if bush cheated or not, the bush supports want only the money made on the oil. They do not care who they kill. Look in Iraq, we are fighting their war of Independance. Does anyone remember a little war we had in the 1700's I think it involve a guy by the name of George Washington. Well as far as I know about this Army it was a rag-tag group that beat a empire. Does anyone see a comparison. People in Iraq don't want freedom or democracy. They have never been able to do anything on their own. This tribes have always require to be lead. You can see this by the fact that all the insurgents are able to plant bombs by a major road and kill people. If that happened in America mainly here in the mid west people would be calling the cops. Well anyway we know the election was rig but the one question that stays on my mind is "What you going to do about it?" Nothing


The problem with radical whackos like the above posters, exhorting us to arms and revolution, is that they are back yard mercenaries sitting around the TV watching some moronic football game or Wrestling matches and talking about things they know nothing of.
Who is going to give these idiots reliable current information? No one would bother. Their sources of info are other whackos websites.
They are the know nothings, have nothings, who see revolution as an opportunity to smash store windows and over turn autos.... bring every one down to their Neanderthal stone age level.
The only thing the conspiracy theorists have right, is that someone is making big money off of gasoline. I remember when it was 25 cents a gallon at the pump. And the oil comes out of the same hole in the ground, for free, that it did then. Cigarettes were 25 cents in the machines then. And the tobacco grows out of the ground for free, just like it did then.
But that is just business as usual. Big business is in the business of ripping you off. What did you expect? Nothing evil or conspiratorial about it. Just business.
People who are stupid enough to buy those gas guzzlers shouldn't be naive enough not to expect the oil companies to gouge them as much as the law will allow.
People who are stupid enough to let themselves become addicted to a nasty habit like smoking, shouldn't be surprised when the tobacco companies nail them to the wall with as high a price as they can get away with.
Look at Marijuana.. $400 an ounce... that's the price of gold! And the idiots are still buying it. Go figure. Just goes to show that Americans have more money than they need. And of course there is always someone around to relieve you of that excess cash. Hell,if you can afford gas for an SUV, and cigarettes and Mary Jane, you don't need it anyway.
The problem is not some back room conspiracy.. the problem is the American people.. as the great comic book philospher remarked, 'We have met the enemy, and he is us.'
Every other person in this country works for the government at city, county, state or federal level.. or they work for a company that supplies the government in some capacity. That means that each of us is carrying around a government lackey on our backs. And mine is a big fat broad.
Every dept heads pay is based on how large a group of people he is responsible for. And so he is constantly trying to increase the size of his organization. Common sense. And every so often, some bright young thing dreams up a new organization that is all of a sudden necessary. And we have another umpteen people on the payroll to be paid for by taxes. on gas, on cigarettes, etc..
And they have to keep coming up with new taxes to meet the increasing payrolls.
Ever notice how many people work for the city in the city you live in? Police, fire, parks dept, road crews, maintenance, etc. 50 percent of them are unecessary.
And don't forget that they all get to retire with a nice pension. Right now, there are more paychecks going out to retired people than are actively working..
Same with the military. More money going out to retired military personel than for active personel. So in effect we have two armies, two navies, two police depts, etc.
Ever wonder why congressmen and senators try so hard to get elected? People say, "Those wonderful public servants. God bless them. They could make more money in the private sector, and here they are serving us".
Well that is true. But a congressman or senator can serve a two year term and retire for life at full pay.
And then still have the option of going out and makeing more money in the private sector.
A man, or woman, can go in the Armed Forces at 17, stay in till they are 37 and then retire ar 75% of full pay for life. And then still work in the private sector for a second fat paycheck.
So next time you pay $2.50 for a gallon of gas at the pump, just remind yourself that you are supporting some greedy son of a _____ retired military or government person so they can drive their 35 foot motor home around the country while you are slaving your ass off at your job. A job from which you probably cannot retire at 37 at 75% of full pay.
I saw an add on public channel TV last night for policemen for the city of Tacoma... $27 an hour plus benefits.
Can you believe it? The least dangerous job in America, and the highest paid. A cab driver and a bus driver and a construction worker have more hazordus jobs than a cop or a fireman.. but the construction worker makes $10 an hour with no retirement, and damn little benefits. And all the cop does is ride around in an air conditioned car all day and eat do nuts.
Go figure.



Alright froggy, I just have to weigh in here...

The problem isn't that inflation has driven up the price of gasoline in America, it's that we're running out of oil resources.

You say that Americans have too much money and that's why gasoline in America is so expensive, but even if we were to reach the predicted $3.00 a gallon, that would still be cheaper than than the $5.00 per gallon europeans are currently willing to pay.

You use the example of cigarettes as a basis for your theory, but it's a completely flawed comparision. Cigarettes are expensive, not for inflation, but taxation.

I think we'd probably agree on so many fronts, but you're really off on this one.

Clint Curtis

I'm the vote fraud whistleblower that testified before Congress on Congressman Tom Feeney's request for vote flipping software. We have made great strides in the last year but still have not been able to achieve verified voting across this country. We have also been unable to receive the attention of the main stream press on the issue of election integrity.

It is time to kick it up a notch.

I will be running against the very person that requested the vote fraud prototype. As part of the campaign, I will be challenging Mr. Feeney to take a polygraph test (I already passed mine) on the issues of vote fraud, Iraq War, Corruption and many other interesting issues.

We all know that if the votes are flipped, we can not win. It does not matter if we have the best campaign, the most money, or the most voters. We can not win if the game is fixed. Within the month, I will have a short term solution to the lack of verification of our system. Never again will the elections be able to be fixed without our knowledge. Never again will we be unorganized in our efforts to challenge any attempt to pre-determine our leaders. This system will be in place regardless of my run for congress against Mr. Feeney.

I would, however appreciate any help you can offer in taking on Mr. Feeney on his home turf.

We will need $300,000.00 and 300 volunteers by the end of March 2006 to be able to make this a race.

Any donation whether $3 or $300 will help us bring the vote fraud issue to national attention and challenge Mr. Feeney where he lives.

I we do not get enough participation and are forced to withdraw all remaining contributions will be returned.

Thank you all again for your support.


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