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December 22, 2004


ledge of liberty

Upon further inspection...

I had forgotten a little known fact... when Bush chews tobacci in the Rose Garden, he enjoys being carried around on the shoulders of his 93-year-old midget man-servant -- Craig.


I do not see all the info on the STOLEN Washington State Election that has many irregularities and now that the left has "won" in the third count they want to hold hands and sing peace chants. So you see, it is NOT all about a fair process, IT IS all about the left and Dems getting back their power and trying to de-legitimize Bush's SECOND win in as many tries. See realpolitics.com for more info on how this one was stolen.

Oh yeah, Bush won Ohio by 118,000 folks. Learn it, live it, love it.....

Ginger Winchester

In response to the post by "niceville" --

Elections are stolen when you change the rules, filter out your enemies' votes, rig the machines, and then fool the public into thinking "nothing wrong" took place. The only "irregularity" found in the Washington recount "fiasco" was the inability for the GOP to take another environmental heaven-on-earth state, too.

A stolen election is nothing less than a coup-d'etat in disguise. The mainstream media cloaks it all as legitimate.

Not only were the 2000 and 2004 elections stolen, but the California recall as well - another environmental bastion at risk of being murdered in the name of "a stronger economy".

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