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December 07, 2004


Lost In America, Org

Please... Demoracy went out the window in 2000 when Bush took over and it has gotten worse ever since. Take for example this new Intelligence and Terrorism Reform Act of 2004... now here is a slam on demoracy.

President Ronald Reagan once said that “the nine most feared words in the English language are “I’m with the Government and I’m here to help."” These are undoubtedly words that we will be haunted by for a long time to come, when, by the totality of this new Intelligence Bill, we are heading straight for the depths of oppression.

In reading this Bill and in my writing about various sections for analysis purposes…I am reminded that the last time our government, “in all their wisdom,” told the American people that reforming the intelligence community was “good for us” and would “stop another terrorist attack” we got the two verisions of the Patriot Act.

Well, this Bill makes those two Acts look like childs play and if you think you'll be safe because of the political party affiliation you belong to..guess again.



I saw the testimony on video and Curtis DID say that all that was needed was to put the code on the cantral tabulating machine. He also said that the program, once on this machine, could "talk back" to the individual machines to make their tallies match the central "truth", before "eating itself".
Persons tampering "real-time" as in your statement would probably raise other problems and be 'detectable' or at least risk getting caught in the act... besides having the central data not jibe with the individual machines. the program would be faster, stronger, better! and only have to be done once for all the states using the system, forget counties.
If he's a fraud or not you can be sure that's the version we'll be hearing soon on "official news". His logic works, though, and would be the best way to screw the electronic vote with apparently clean hands.

Max Hodges

>>Personally, I think this story is complete crap. Why would a Congressman go through the trouble of hiring a contractor to write vote rigging software for use on individual machines, when it only takes 30 seconds to change vote tallies on central tabulators?

Think about what your saying. You assuming a Congressman would have an inkling of a clue about voting system architecture?

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