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November 05, 2004


Joanne Murphy

This is shocking! What is being done about it?!

ledge of liberty

Hi Joanne,

Welcome to the site... blackboxvoting.org filed the largest freedom of information request in u.s. history. They're getting 3,000 black box voting machines from 3,000 different counties where they believe voter fraud has occured... they have people that know how to extract the information where this fraud has occured. They need money to pay for all the fee's involved, so if you're feeling like you'd like to help... send a dollar or a few dollars in their direction.


Angry Girl

Great article! Great information! Nice charts! I'm putting you on my list of voter fraud links! Rock on!

Angry Girl

ledge of liberty

Thanks angry girl!



Get over it! Kerry lost. Multiple newspapers have recounted ballots in many states...and Kerry lost.

YOU HAVE NO PROOF! Simply speculation. Get over it.


And how many times are the Dems going to try and recount Washington state's governor's race? The Dem governor does not even want to do it a THIRD time BUT alas they will try until they win. Then what? You guessed it, A Republican recount effort.

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