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July 27, 2004


Mary Emanuelson

I know it's not very nice or even very adult to take pleasure in another person's misfortune. But for Ann Coulter, I can be neither nice or adult......

It would seem that what goes around , comes around (eventually).

Hank Ramey

NOBODY SHOULD HAVE SEX WITH HER! All her children will have incurable insanity!

ledge of liberty

Hahahahaha! Hank, thanks for the warning -- I'll try to stay away!


She can't have children... because "She's a man, baby!"

...my apologies to Austin Powers...


The pure hate in that article,, that is why she made no sense.. it was free-form hate... I don't get it...

ledge of liberty

Yeah Jim -- it's like that scene with the pea soup in The Exorcist.

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