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July 28, 2004



Is it just me, or did that read like two monologues fused together? Neither was listening to the other. It helps that O'Reilly is a major tool, of course.

ledge of liberty

Hey mouse! I'm convinced O'Reilly plugs his ears pre-interview.

I detest Bill O as much as anybody,but at least he asked actual questions. Moore simply put question marks on the end of loaded statements. And what's with the "would you send your child" crap? You have to be an adult to join the army. You have to have a H.S. diploma or equivalent to join the other services. No parent can compel service and these aren't "children" except to the parents. Technically.


"would you send your child"

Yes but only if I can find a 8mm camera for him/her to take with them to film their exploits.

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