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June 29, 2004


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Mac Diva

You become just as determined as I do when there is a missing fact and I MUST know it. Good research.

ledge of liberty

mac diva,

so true, it's been driving me insane! oh, but i'll sleep well tonight... i ordered a copy of the book and i can't tell you how bad i want bush to sign it. there must be a good way to trick him, after all he's not very bright, perhaps a sick child? any thoughts on how to trick bush into signing my goat book?

the goat obsession continues, now it's personal...



LOL, thanks for this great piece of "investigative journalism". ;)
Such things can make me crazy, too. I've spent myself some time on amazon.com, at the early readers category, just looking out for a book with a matching cover artwork, but I gave it up after a while.
I suppose in order to get your book signed, you'll have to attend a fundraiser event for Bush. So, if you have some thousand bucks left, you'll maybe get it signed.
Darn, I desperately wanted to see Bush's face, when someone actually give's him "My Pet Goat" to sign... :D

David Howard

Google and type in "Mena cocaine"

June Harris

That should be "elusive" not "allusive."

ledge of liberty

Thank you for the correction June.



Hey, can you tell us what happened with the big red car?

ledge of liberty


hahaha! wouldn't you like to know! just kidding, i'll post the actual text when i recieve my copy of the book, though i can give you a general summary... basically, the goat finds the intruder, rams him until he flees the scene, and thus the goat becomes the hero of the household and the story! when i get the book in the mail, hopefully today, i'll post the full goat story for all to enjoy.




You should get the Pulitzer for investigative journalism. I have spent a couple of hours trying to track down this edge-of-my-seat read, with no luck.

Googling "my pet goat" has led me to lots of marvelous websites. That may be George W. Bush's only positive legacy, the way things have been going for him and his evil-doing administration.

Bush Out. Register to vote, then vote!

FunnyGuy 382

After you go to Fahrenheit 9/11, keep your ticket stub and mail it to:

George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC 20500

With a note attached: 'I saw what you did last summer.'"

ledge of liberty




g.w. hater





The very word tragedy means "goat song" and ancient Greek Tragedy is dedicated to Dionysus, the God of duality and paradox (REMEMBER THE WTC!). SEE THE DOUBLE DESTRUCTION?

Dionysus is also the God of the Mask....Remember the face/mask that appeared momentarily when the second plane hit?

The USA is under attack by a God named Dionysus.... Who will win?


Tricking Bush to sign the book should be a breeze (if you can ever get close enough to ask). Here's all you need to do: Find a similiar size book praising Bush/Cheney in some way, remove the book jacket, and slip it over the goat book.
For bonus points, get him to write something about 7 minutes. Perhaps tell him his speech was the best 7 minutes of your week or something, and ask him to sign "Seven minutes to change the world, GW Bush".

ledge of liberty

Hahahahahahaaaaa! I love it!



The story of the goat is important...the pet goat is the god of Washington also known as Pan.

And the goat led all the sheep to slaughter.

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