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June 18, 2004



Whoa, hold on. The ability to do shoot down the planes & the amount of thought needed to go into that decision are two very different things. Are you saying that, in the pre-9/11 conciousness this country was in (ie, never been attacked in such a way), it was only logical and reasonable for the president to kill 100 or so of his own citizens? Are you advocating the use of such force anytime a new threat emerges? That's the beginning of a brutal police state.

ledge of liberty


thank you for your comment, but there's really no great way for me to say this - you're completely wrong.

the chain of command had received documented prior warnings of the attack, chose to ignore them, and when bush, commander in chief of our army, was notified - he did nothing. Norad exists for just this sort of circumstance and should have been notified with orders by the president, whether it be to get in the sky and scramble the aircrafts or to shoot them down, but instead bush chose to sit in a floridian elementary school and read about a pet goat.

regarding your stance that the 9/11 attacks could never have been anticipated, (1) the administration had received prior warnings of the attack, (2) this is not the first time terrorists have tried to fly airplanes into american targets, and (3) we have the most brilliant and funded military in the world - you think they never thought of the possibility of planes being flown into u.s. targets?

regarding "That's the beginning of a brutal police state."... the beginning of a police state is sacrificing freedom for security, and if you're not feeling that post 9/11, than you're not living in america.


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